2 aug. 2018

In order to revise the Management Plan for the two natural areas targeted by the project, it is necessary to identify the most important aspects that influence the protection of biodiversity within these areas. Most of these aspects are related to the perceptions and attitudes of nearby local communities, in terms of protecting the environment and the potential for sustainable development.

The main subjects are the lack of awareness of the population regarding the declaration of the area Lacul Negru as a Natura 2000 site, the fact that the locals have no knowledge of the restrictions concerning the two protected natural areas (which easily determines violation of legal provisions), as well as the lack of information about proper behavior and different activities that can be done in the area without disturbing and degrading species and habitats.

At the same time, the fact that the community isn’t very aware of the benefits that arise from declaring the area Lacul Negru as a Natura 2000 site is also a problem. The low level of environmental culture among population and tourists and the low interest in preserving biodiversity lead to behaviors that negatively affect the protected natural area: uncontrolled dumping of litter, disrupting species during breeding or nesting, influencing the habitats of species of community interest etc.

That is why the project targets the representatives of local communities who carry out activities of resource management in the protected area (forestry fund, land fund, water), as well as hydrotechnical development activities, gravel quarry activities or livestock farm activities. Also, those who handle communal or personal household waste and especially those who intend to build housing or to develop real estate complexes in the area are also targeted.

In order to conserve biodiversity in the protected areas and ensure a sustainable and harmonious development, it is highly important that all of them are aware of both restrictions and benefits and are actively involved in updating the management plan. This will lead to avoiding conflicts when the plan measures will actually be applied and it will also transform the impact of the project on local communities into a positive one on all levels.

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