Tourist description

The picturesque surroundings, natural reserves and mountain hiking trails suggest that the entire area targeted by the project has a real tourist potential, currently quite poorly exploited.

Regarding Nistoreşti commune, besides Lacul Negru and Cheile Nărujei I şi II, the touristic objectives that can be visited and admired are: Cascada Mişina, Pădurea „Verdele”, Pietrosu and Mordanu peaks, Muntele Goru (Goru Mountain) and Baza salvamont (Rescue Base).

Păuleşti commune is characterized, in its turn, by picturesque places of extraordinary beauty, being situated relatively close to Rezervaţia Naturală Cheile Tişiţei and Cascada Horn-Mioarele (with a height of over 30m).

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