The project activities are:

1. Preliminary studies required to substantiate the Management Plan of the site ROSCI0097 Lacul Negru and the nature reserve 2.813 Lacul Negru – Cheile Nărujei I
1.1. Socio-economic analysis required to substantiate the Management Plan for the site of community importance ROSCI0097 Lacul Negru together with the nature reserve 2.813 Lacul Negru – Cheile Nărujei I
1.2. Elaborating the study on the abiotic environment and the types of land ownership on the site
1.3. Elaborating the inventory and mapping study of the wild species of community interest and of the habitats of community interest, in order to determine their conservation status and the necessary measures for preserving / improving their conservation status
1.4. Elaborating the assessment study of activities with anthropic potential on the targeted site of community importance
1.5. Assessing the conservation status and establishing the management / conservation measures to maintain / improve the conservation status of species and habitats in the protected natural areas targeted by the project
1.6. Elaborating the methodologies and protocols to monitor the conservation status of habitats and species of community / national importance, including methodologies and plans for guarding the areas with species and habitats of community importance that are affected by anthropic activities
1.7. Elaborating a GIS database

2. Revising / updating and approving the Management Plan and elaborating the regulation for the site of community importance ROSCI0097 Lacul Negru together with the nature reserve 2.813 Lacul Negru – Cheile Nărujei I
2.1. Revising / updating the Management Plan
2.2. Elaborating the site regulation
2.3. Approving the Management Plan – conducting the procedure for Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

3. Educational, awareness and information activities
3.1. Organizing awareness and public consultation meetings with the stakeholders (landowners, administrators / business community, local community representatives, local and regional public institutions) for revising / updating the Management Plan
3.2. Educational and awareness online actions
3.3. Educational and awareness actions among students from local communities on the protected species and habitats and on biodiversity conservation and among opinion makers (teachers)
3.3.1. 10 educational presentations on the protected species and habitats
3.3.2. 10 field educational and awareness actions
3.3.3. Teacher awareness on biodiversity protection measures
3.4. Educating the local community on the anthropic impact on biodiversity
3.5. Producing two short films (spots) which are used in all types of educational and awareness activities
3.6. Information and project promotion
3.7. Assessing the impact of the awareness campaign

4. Project management (planning, implementing and monitoring / evaluating the activities)

5. Project financial audit

6. Increasing administrative capacity
6.1. Training sessions
6.2. Purchasing equipment to increase administrative capacity

7. Elaborating the Financing Application and the Acquisition Documentation related to the contracts following the Financing Contract

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