About protected area

The site of community importance ROSCI0097 Lacul Negru and the nature reserve 2.813 Lacul Negru – Cheile Nărujei I are located in the upper course section of Năruja river, in the western part of Vrancea County, on the territory of Nistoreşti and Păuleşti communes. The site area is of 104 ha, plus the nature reserve area of 88,1 ha.

The site Lacul Negru was declared a protected natural area of community interest in 2007, as part of the European ecological network Natura 2000, which aims at conserving in their natural area vulnerable species and habitats on the continent. Thus, in the natural area Lacul Negru a number of species and habitats of community interest were identified and mentioned in the Natura 2000 standard form, the following being those for which it was declared a protected area: six species of wild animals (mammals – lynx and brown bear; amphibians – great crested newt and Carpathian newt; invertebrates – great capricorn beetle and Alpine longhorn beetle) and four natural habitats (active raised bogs, transition mires and quaking bogs, Luzulo-Fagetum beech forests and Asperulo-Fagetum beech forests), which give uniqueness to the area and shelter special elements of flora.
The natural value of the site is also due to the largely fragmented terrain, with spectacular sceneries, this mountain area being highly representative for the Curvature Subcarpathians. With valleys, quays (Cheile Nărujei I), water surfaces (Lacul Negru), peat bogs and meadows, the area is wild and hard to access, playing a very important role as a refuge, mating, feeding and breeding area and even an ecological corridor for many species.

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